From Selfie to Soulmate: Leveraging Your Photo for Maximum Dating Success

The SciMatch online dating app makes finding a compatible date easier and quicker by utilizing Ruby, an AI-powered matchmaking robot and personal virtual assistant for finding romance. Ruby uses a proven, patent-pending algorithm that analyzes each user’s unique personality via their "face print" to determine their relationship compatibility with other users. Ruby finds the potential for strong chemistry between users by identifying what makes them click so they can truly connect on an emotional level.

Check out the latest "Into Tomorrow" podcast where Yanina Strylets, CEO/Co-Founder of SciMatch, explains how a single selfie can be a key to relationship success with host, Dave Graveline. 


It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, we warned you that this is a very different kind of dating app. Let AI read your face and help you find your perfect match. 

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