Does My Crush Like Me?

The dating world has always been fueled by the endless cycle of wonder of “do they really like me?” Throughout our lives we resort to various methods to answer the godly question, through paper fortune tellers, flowchart quizzes in the back of teenage magazines, even the old classic “he loves me, he loves me not” flower petal game. 

The Debrief 

A newly popularized term in the theatrics of the dating world is the debrief. 

Debrief:  an investigative session between close friends decoding texts from your crush. 

“What does this mean?” “Does he sound interested?” “Why did he say that?” “Does he like me?” All of these thoughts are floated around the room while everyone acts like detectives to try and crack the code of the mysterious, yet perfectly appropriate, texts. 


It’s the smallest of things that leave much up to the imagination, a misplaced period or badly worded invite that makes us question if our crush really likes us back. Our ability to be sensible is out the window as soon as they take more than an hour to respond. 


Everyone in the group chimes in with their opinion, a few response options are considered and finally we work up the courage to hit send. Alas, the cycle continues with the next ding of response that lends to more investigation. 


What most debriefs lack is an informed, unbiased, straight shooter opinion. 


A New Solution

    Save the debrief for the more important questions, like what to wear on your next date!

Luckily, SciMatch’s "Is My Crush Into Me" feature leaves the detective work up to AI professionals. Through uploading your text conversation, SciMatch’s AI will detect hidden signals, mixed messages and true intentions of your crush. Unlike the previous tests of likelihood, nothing is left up to chance of picking the right flower petal. Real answers for the age old question “does my crush like me?” is a new horizon in the dating world.