Why do you use our "Faceprints" to create matches when you could simply do traditional matchmaking questionnaires or use the information provided in our bios?
The face never lied! NOthing beats face reading when it comes to figuring out if your potential connection is a truly perfect match. Our face reading algorithm is your wingman, and you’ll know if someone is who they claim to be and whether or not your new date is a keeper. Tinder, Bumble and other big giants of the dating industry might get you boxed into narrow assumptions based on your swipes, leaving you feeling out of control. In other apps, some profiles are shielded from your view, as well as your profile being excluded from other users and possible connections. Our personality can sometimes get lost when we put our best foot forward, only to discover that profiles of potential dates are not always an accurate representation of their true personality. SciMatch is different. It uses science to understand you and your perfect match. There’s a reason they call it your “better half”. No one wants to date themself. What makes us different and unique as individuals matters. That’s why our dating app factors in similarities and differences in potential matches, while also recognizing that sometimes opposites attract. So, if you are ready to ditch the useless dating sites, discover SciMatch – we offer all of our users 7 Free compatibility reports per day, so download today and meet the love of your life!
What is physiognomy or face- reading?
Physiognomy, the study of the systematic correspondence of psychological characteristics to facial features. The study of physiognomy gives us an insight into our users’ characters. It can help us predict if a prospective romantic interest has the potential to be a good match for them.
Is SciMatch free?
YES. Our application is free but a premium subscription plan is also available. SciMatch is available for free in the App Store and soon will be available in the Google Play Store. Free features: 7 Ruby Checks per day, Unlimited Likes, “No Passport” feature to find a date anywhere, you just need to tell us where you would like to search, and I will adjust your matches (you can change this anytime in your profile). But wait, it is not all – get Who Likes You feature for FREE, yes you heard it right, you can see who likes you before you Like or Nope for FREE. Premium features: Enjoy unlimited Ruby checks (compatibility reports) to create as many chances for happiness as you need. Find out who Rubied you, after all, if someone spent their Ruby on you it shows they are interested! Start today and connect with matches through video calls or enjoy Ruby Roulette – the Speed Dating Video Roulette Chat, without limits. To subscribe to SciMatch Premium, tap on  [birth chart love compatibility free tarot reading]  the main screen >Go Premium > Get Weekly, Monthly or Lifetime Premium Subscriptions. You can also buy “Ruby Check” and Speed Dating event individually.
How does messaging work on SciMatch?
Our unique messaging software automatically engages those users who match through mutual attraction (both users have to like each other) or a high compatibility. It is designed to end swiping mistakes and make Ice Breakers Simple. How about starting conversation with, Hi, Ruby says we are 90% compatible, should we get to know each other better and prove her wrong? SciMatch gives you confidence to make the first move, send a message and quickly + humorously start a great conversation. No need to worry, your perfect match will not pass you by on our dating app.
Other dating Apps are also using machine learning to match their users, how are you different?
Most matchmaking algorithms use the information you provide in your bio to generate matches, adding a lot of pressure and raising the stakes if you don’t get your bio just right. SciMatch knows your compatibility with anyone even with ZERO information in your bio. Moreover, nothing beats face reading when it comes to really figuring out if someone is what they claim they are and if your potential connection is a perfect match for you. But don’t get us wrong, first impressions are important, and you should feel great about telling others a little bit about yourself! Forget about personality profiling or online-matching algorithms – download SciMatch!
How does speed dating feature work?
You can access the event by clicking the PARTICIPATE button. Make sure you have your camera and microphone working on your device, and let the fun begin. Your virtual love assistant, Ruby, will move daters two at a time into their own private chat room where they can talk and get to know each other. You will get 5 minutes with each date. You will have an option to finish the call before your time is up if you feel you don’t need all this time to make a decision. Once your time is up, you will be rotated to the next date. After each interaction, you will be asked whether you like your new connection or not, and Ruby will compare these responses, and if they match – BOOM, it’s a SCIMATCH! Scimatches are added to your connections list so you can message each other. For those who did not garner matches, don’t worry! You can ask Ruby to do a compatibility analysis, and if you and the person of your interest are highly compatible, the chat room will be open between you two. The minimum number of potential dates will be one, and the maximum will be 5. If, for any reason, there were no members of the opposite sex in attendance and you’ve purchased the event as a separate item, you will get credit for a future virtual event.
How does SciMatch algorithm work?
Once you upload your picture, the app uses AI technology to zoom in on focal points on your face such as your eyes, nose, lips, chin and etc. to learn your personality and identify which personality types are compatible with you. For example, people with heart-shaped faces are creative and thought to have a fiery temperament. Women with a heart-shaped face are magnetically drawn to men with a square/rectangular face, but friction always presents because they have different goals. The face gives us an insight into our users’ characters, personalities and needs. Without being judgmental, we can quickly determine a person’s strengths and weaknesses and what it is he/she really wants from his/her potential romantic partner.
How does find my type feature work?
Once you upload the picture of your celebrity crush, we will bring up 10 profiles that most resemble the celebrity on the photo. Our AI algorithm will process the photos and deliver the most accurate results. The accuracy of the results will depend on the quality of the picture you uploaded and the pool of candidates we will have in our database at the time of your request.
How can I check my compatibility with some one?
Tap the  button below the profile of the person you are interested in and the window appears with your compatibility report. Ruby will determine if your characters are scientifically compatible and you will be able to start a conversation if you are sci-matched (your compatibility is above the average), or continue your search by exiting the window. The sci-matches will be automatically added to your connections. You could tap on “Learn More” to learn your similarities and differences in character traits, to gauge “the how” and “the why you” and your perfect match click just right. Or, if you are not a match, you could find out why your personalities are not compatible and what pitfalls your relationship might face.
Can I message to people I've liked?
Yes. If you both mutually have liked each other, or if your compatibility is higher than the average THE CHAT window will be open for you to start a conversation. If there is no mutual likes just yet, you can wait, or take action and ASK RUBY  [ai chat free horoscope virgo daily horoscope love horoscope]  if you are compatible. If you are, THE CHAT window will be open for you to start a conversation. Nevertheless, we will make sure your profile will appear prominently in this person’s newsfeed.
How can I cancel my premium subscription through itunes?
If you would like to cancel your Premium subscription, follow these steps: Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad and select iTunes Store and App Store. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen. Tap on View Apple ID. You might need to sign in or use Touch ID. Tap on Subscriptions. Tap on the subscription that you want to manage. (If you don’t see a subscription but are still being charged, make sure that you’re signed in with the correct Apple ID.) Use the options to manage your subscription. You can choose a different subscription offering or click on “Cancel Subscription” to cancel your subscription. If you cancel, your subscription will stop at the end of the current billing cycle.
How do I delete my profile?
Made a meaningful connection and no longer on the dating scene? We are happy for you and appreciate your feedback. Meanwhile to delete your account, please follow these steps: Tap  [free daily horoscope, free tarot, libra love horoscope, taurus love horoscope, free dating]  on the main screen. Open the “Settings” menu of the app. Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Delete account” button. *IMPORTANT NOTE: As with other apps, simply removing, uninstalling or deleting the Sci-Match app from your phone will not erase your account entirely. You must follow the steps above to delete your profile. If you’ve already deleted the app from your phone and need to delete your account entirely, please reach out to our Support Team — we’ll be happy to help you with this! Please note if you subscribed to a paid membership you will need to take the necessary steps with the App Store or Google Play Store to ensure you are not charged an auto renewal subscription fee. Hope we will not see you again, but we will be happy to try harder to help find your sci-match if we do.
Why can't I start a conversation with somebody I've liked?
If you can’t message someone you have liked, it means no mutual like just yet! Only after two users have mutually liked one another, a match is created. After a match is created, you’ll see a notification appear on your screen. From here, you can either start a chat or continue searching through other profiles. However, if mutual like has never happened or hasn’t happened yet and you don’t want to wait longer, you could “Ruby” the person and see if your compatibility is above the average which means you are scientifically perfect for each other and THE CHAT window will open for you to start a conversation. 
Why can't I start a conversation with somebody I've "Rubied"?
The chat only opens for the users whose love compatibility is above the average which means they are scientifically perfect for each other. However, if you believe that the person is perfect for you no matter what “Ruby”   says, you still can initiate a conversation if you and this person mutually have liked each other. Ruby does not impose her opinion on anyone; she just likes to help by giving advice and open doors for relationships that are perfect but couldn’t be possible without her meddling.
How can I unblock a user?
Tap on “People” > tap on Profile of a user you want to unblock > Scroll to the bottom of his/her profile and tap the “Unblock” button.
I am trying to upload my picture, but I keep receiving "Please make shure to add a valid photo of yoursrlf with nobody else in picture” ERROR. What should I do?
Since the results of your love compatibility with other users on our app highly depends on the validity of the picture you upload, you should make sure that you provide a valid picture of yourself where your face is clearly visible and could be detected and processed. If there are several people on the picture, we will not know who YOU on the picture (as well as our users) is, so we require the users to submit pictures of themselves with nobody else in it.
How can I change my profile photo?
To change your profile photo, follow these steps:
1. Start by going to your profile
2. Click on “Edit Profile”
3. Choose your best shot from your photo library.
What picture do you use to create our psychological portraits?
Upon registration, you are prompted to provide your picture for your face print to be created and used to generate your sci-matches. This is the only time you will be asked for a picture to create your face print. So, be wise by choosing a picture without face masks, glasses, shades where your face is visible. You could take a selfie for the best result. The picture would not be displayed anywhere in your profile.
How can I change the location of my search?
To change the location of your search, follow these steps: 1.Start by going to your profile 2.Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Change Location of your Search” button.
How to block & report a user?
Your safety is important for us. If something happens that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please report it. To block a user, please follow these steps: Tap on “People” > tap on Profile of a user you want to block > Scroll to the bottom of his/her profile and tap the “Block” button. To report a user please reach out to our team: Be sure to specify the reason for the report. You can share as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with, but the more information we have, the easier it is for us to support you and take action. Once we receive the report, our moderation team will review it as soon as possible. Due to privacy guidelines, we can’t always reveal the results of a report, but please know that we take every report seriously and handle each case with care.
How can I block a user?
To unblock a user, please follow these steps: Tap on “People” > tap on Profile of a user you want to unblock > Scroll to the bottom of his/her profile and tap the “Unblock” button.