Can you find true love through AI facial analysis?

Have you ever noticed that you are able to instantly connect with some people based on their looks? Or perhaps you have recognized that your happy-in-love friends appear to look similar? The closer you look, the more you will begin to notice it, and while it might seem like a strange coincidence, the truth is that it is down to physiognomy, the science of reading faces.

What is physiognomy?


Physiognomy has an incredibly long history, and the original concept actually dates back to the days of Pythagoras! Since then, he would accept or reject his students simply by how gifted they look, famously believing that having a large head meant you were mean, while small-headed people were more steadfast. 

We know today that is not the case, but the theory remains popular, and on principal, physiognomy is the notion that you can judge a person’s character and their personality from their facial features. Over the years, various scientists, authors, and philosophers have continued to study the belief, with it becoming very popular throughout the middle ages. However, the modern idea of physiognomy began in 1772 when German pastor Johann Kaspar Lavatar examined the theory in a string of popular essays. 

Since then, it has undergone multiple revivals of popularity, particularly in recent years, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence technology. As technology has advanced and the cost of computer technology reduced, it has helped to showcase the theory more efficiently. Earlier this year, a study found that the facial features of customers could help extract personal information that could help marketers to better target consumers, and even help dating apps to better connect with potential matches! 

Unlocking your perfect match


So could physiognomy help to improve your love life? While physical appearance is what attracts you to potential partners, it could also help you to find someone that you connect with emotionally. 

If you are one of the 45% of dating app users that are frustrated by their experience, then physiognomy could help you ditch those tired apps and find your dream partner. Many users find that bios of potential apps are not always true to the person, hiding their real personality and blocking their chances of finding true compatibility. 

When we make personal connections in real life, we read and respond to the facial expressions of our partners, so it makes sense to utilize these actions when seeking your ideal mate. 

The SciMatch future


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