Meeting a popular girl: How to guarantee the second date

Yes, you like that hot girl you’ve met online and this is your first date with her. Meanwhile, you also know that if you find her attractive, many other men would also find her attractive. Since you definitely have lots of competitors, you want to figure out how to guarantee the second date, right? Now I’m going to share the untold secrets with you so you won’t have any relationship doubts! You are welcome.  

How do you flirt with a popular girl? Try to see her as an equal instead of putting her on a pedestal.

  • Turn the tables early.

First, you need a mindset shift. Instead of hoping that she will like what she sees, you should make her prove herself to you on the first date. This is not about impressing a girl. In fact, the first date is about finding out whether this girl meets your standards or not.


So, when she asks, “Why are you single?”, you simply say this to her, “I’m looking for a great connection. If the connection isn’t amazing, I wouldn’t want a relationship.” Now this girl will begin to think whether she is good enough for you.  

  • How to flirt with a girl over text:

Remember to give her a nickname. For example, if there is a joke that only you two know, you can use that joke to create a nickname for her. Let me explain.

Let’s say on the first date you ordered a hot chocolate & you mentioned that her voice is just like a marshmallow. Then you could jokingly say this to her, “You are so sweet. Can I call you Miss Marshmallow?” Because she just had a fun moment, she would probably say yes.


After that, whenever you send text messages to her, you should totally call her ‘Miss Marshmallow’. This will set you apart because most men are thinking about when they can call her ‘honey’/ ‘darling’.

  • How to ask for a second date:

Truthfully, the idea of having a second date should be planted like a seed on the first date. For instance, when you are on the first date, you could say something along the lines of, “Ariana Grande is an excellent singer.” (if this girl told you that she likes Ariana Grande). Then after the first date, you’ll send this text message to her, “I’m going to Ariana Grande’s concert next month. You should come.”


In this text message, you don’t ask “Would you like to come?” Instead, you use a statement “You should come”. Here is why:


If you ask “Would you like to come?”, this girl will have two questions in her head: 1) “Do I want to attend this concert?” 2) “Can I go to this concert?”

However, if you say “You should come”, she’ll only have one question in her head: “Can I go to this concert?”


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(Jade Seashell is a dating consultant and relationship advisor.)